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Whether you are newly sober, have had years of recovery, love an addict or alcoholic, or are a professional in the recovery field, Wake Up to Healing and Hope during the 1st Annual Recovery Today Conference! Discover the power within you to overcome any addiction whether its substance abuse, love, sex, food, or internet addiction and/or co-dependency.

Raise your vibration • Live Authentically • Wake up to your Aliveness

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sherry-gabaSherry Gaba, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach, Co-Host of the Brighter Side of Recovery Radio Show on Am 1590 KVTA, VH1’s Celebrity Rehab Expert, Media Expert on CNN, HLN, Inside Edition, Showbiz Tonight, Inside Edition, and the Bio Channel , Author of “The Law of Sobriety” and has spent over ten years in the field of addiction and recovery as a Licensed Professional. Sherry is the founder and host of the Recovery Today Online Conference sponsored by Soba Recovery Center. Her desire is to provide enlightening, engaging, entertaining and influential interviews with experts and authors whose knowledge and life’s work around the globe will benefit those who are seeking to overcome any addiction, move beyond their addiction, and to find purpose in recovery.

greg-hannleyGreg Hannley is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Soba Recovery Center. His vision is to provide a safe, sober environment for those suffering from the disease of addiction, which emphasizes specialized aftercare for long term success. Greg leads the Company daily through his hands-on approach and dedication to provide a tailored recovery plan for each of their clients. He is a proven successful entrepreneur in many industries and has developed a series of treatment centers in four states that focus on the model of an affordable full-service treatment facility.


Daniel Baldwin
“Addictions Respect No One”
An Award Winning Actor, Producer, and Director shares his Wisdom, Insight, and Greatest Breakthroughs in Recovery.
Gloria Loring
“How to Drop the Drama”
Singer, actress and author teaches you “How to Drop the Drama” of self-doubt and self-loathing that facilitate moving once again toward our addiction of choice.
Melody Beattie
“Codependency: Melody Opens Up About her Own Personal Story of Co-Dependency”
One of America’s most beloved self-help authors shares her own personal story about what it was like and what inspired her to write her books on Co-Dependency.
Ronna Prince
“The Missing Link”
Rewire your brain’s neural pathways with easy to use sound therapy protocols and how addictive patterns can be shifted with Award-winning filmmaker of Sacred Journey of the Heart.
“Surrendering & Trusting”
Meditation and stress management expert, davidji, reveals how to surrender to trust & acceptance to help overcome stress and addiction.
Gudni Gunnarsson
“Recover Yourself From Absence – Presence Is Power”
A life coach and best selling author will show you that there is only one addiction; absence!
Don Jose Ruiz
“The Universe of Now”
Filling your life with more inspiration, greater happiness and authenticity by living in the Now, with New York Times best selling author.
Ester Nicholson
“Addiction Behind The Addiction – Break The Chain That Binds You”
Author of Soul Recovery – 12 Keys To Healing Dependence shares with us on getting to the root of addiction and the rediscovery of our souls.
Kevin Griffin
“Buddhism and the 12 Steps”
A Buddhist author, teacher, and innovator in the field of addiction treatment shares his insight on Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation, and the 12 Steps.
Katherine Woodward Thomas
“Conscious Uncoupling: How to Live Happily Even After”
A Licensed psychotherapist introduces us to a radically new way to honorably end romantic relationships.
Warren Broad
“Recovery In The Now: Identifying and MASTERING your Addict Mind”
Creator of ‘Recovery In The Now’, will show us how to identify your Addict Mind resulting in MASTERING RECOVERY!
Debra Poneman. September 2014. [Photo by Karen Kring]
Debra Poneman
“It’s Easier Than You Think: Saying “Yes” as the First Step”
Bestselling Author and Celebrated Transformational Leader, will show you how to create outer success based on inner silence.
Tom Catton
“Meditation: Learning How to be Happy Right Here & Right Now”
Author of the Mindful Addict, shows us how to be Happy Right Here and Right Now through the practice of Meditation and keeping a Disciplined Practice of Step 11.
Ethlie Ann Vare
“Love, Lust & Limerence: The Toxic Trio”
Are you a love addict? What can you do about it if you are? Journalist, screenwriter, and award-winning author Ethlie Ann Vare knows.
Panache Desai
“From Distraction To Divine Action: How To Shift Your Energy Around Addictive Behavior, Patterns, & Habits”
Contemporary thought leader, Panache shows us how getting clarity on everyday distractions keeps them from becoming painful addictions.
Temple -Hayes
Temple Hayes
“The Hokey Pokey Really is What It is All About”
Author, spiritual leader and difference maker will show you how to move from impossible to possible with sobriety.
Christy Whitman
“How to Apply all 7 Universal Laws to Create More Freedom, Joy & Abundance”
NYTimes Best-Selling Author & Certified LOA Coach reveals all you need to know about all 7 Universal Laws and why you must learn and apply all of them.
Natalie Ledwell
“The Power of the Visualizations to Help with Recovery”
Teaching you how to effectively use visualizing techniques with bestselling author Natalie.
Lee McCormick
“To Unravel our Lives, We Must Begin At The Beginning: Finding Our Way Back To Our Authentic Self”
Join author Lee McCormick, as he examines the transformative power of reconnecting authenticity and spirit on the road to recovery with us.
Dr. Margaret Paul
“The Underlying Cause of Addictions”
Discover the ONE underlying cause of all addictions and how to heal it with bestselling author & popular Huffington Post writer.
Derek O’Neill
“Root Cause of Addiction: We Are All Addicted to Something, How Did We Get There, How Can We Stop It?”
Internationally acclaimed psychotherapist, motivational speaker, author and humanitarian, will explain how to completely delete the addiction process.
Kim Pagano
“The Brighter Side of Recovery”
Kim has a very successful and award winning radio show in California and will share with us the Brighter Side of Recovery.
Greg Hannley
“It’s Treating the Underlying Issue that’s the Key”
Soba CEO shares their creed, One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding the benefits of an individualized program and why specialized aftercare is the key to long term recovery success.
Sherry Gaba
“Wake Up Recovery”
Learning how to attract positive energy for a powerful, purposeful, and passionate recovery with Certified Recovery & Transformation Coach, and a Licensed Psychotherapist.

This On line Conference is also for all the parents, siblings, and children who love an addict.

Discover the power within you to overcome any addiction whether its substance abuse, love, sex, food, or internet addiction and/or co-dependency.

Raise your vibration • Live Authentically • Wake up to your Aliveness

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Become AWAKE in your LIFE by OVERCOMING your addictions with a PURPOSEFUL RECOVERY.

Recovery Today was born out of Sherry Gaba’s award winning book, “The Law Of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” It is a global community of authors, experts, and professionals in the addiction field
who understand that one shoe does not fit all in recovery treatment. Addictions don’t target people based on money, social status or age. Recovery Today’s thought-leaders and professionals believe the world is ready for new alternative addiction treatment alongside traditional methods to recovery from all addictions including substance abuse, co-dependency, food, the internet, sex and love, and finding purpose and passion in one’s recovery. We produce two FREE online conferences each year, which showcase the voices of top professionals and thought-leaders to deliver cutting-edge scientific, spiritual, and practical approaches to treating and overcoming addictions of all kinds.

Sherry also offers her online 10 week group coaching programs as well as workshops and speaking engagements.

In gratitude,

sherry-gaba greg-hannleyspacer_1x50
Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Greg Hannley, CEO of Soba Recovery Center

The Host Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is one of few hosts that is not only a Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach, but a Licensed Psychotherapist. She is also the author of the ground-breaking and award-winning book, “The Law of Sobriety:  Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” Co-Host of The Brighter Side of Recovery on AM 1590 KVTA, and the go-to expert for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab show on VH1.

Sherry is a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist. Her intuitive insights approach provides support and practical feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. She incorporates a blend of conventional and alternatives approaches such as mindfulness skills and somatic experiencing energy work, drawing upon a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client. Sherry also leads Wake Up Recovery Coaching online coaching groups, conducts speaking engagements, and workshops worldwide.


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Listen to all these candid expert interviews anytime!
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Sponsored by Soba Recovery Center

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