Wake Up Recovery: How to Overcome Any Addiction and
Reclaim Your Life

With Sherry Gaba, LCSW – As seen on the VH1’s Celebrity Rehab

If you suffer from any addiction – you are not alone!

  • Do you feel stuck with self-sabotaging behaviors that are slowing killing everything that’s good in your life?
  • Do you wake up every morning paralyzed with guilt and shame telling yourself maybe tomorrow it will get better… but it never does?
  • Do you feel frozen with fear over the truth about your behaviors?

Hi, my name is Sherry Gaba.

I am a licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach who has helped hundreds of people cope with lifelong addictions like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, single parenting and divorce.

Perhaps you’ve seen me on TV. I’ve shared my expert addictions advice on Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky, CNN, Inside Edition and other shows.

With over twenty years of experience as a clinician, I have worked at some of the top profile rehabs and treatment centers around the country. I’ve seen firsthand the terrible grip that addition can place on someone’s life.

It can leave you living in fear, lies, and feeling totally powerless to the addiction… whether it’s food, gambling, sex, or alcohol.

Let me assure you that your past does not define you.

You can change your life story at any time. Anyone, no matter where they are, has the power to meet seemingly insurmountable odds to transform their life.

Are you ready to heal and take back your life?

Introducing my online program “Wake Up Recovery”

I want to offer you the same powerful information shared at the big Celebrity Rehab facilities, and I’ll give you the exact steps you need to use to take back your life from not only your addictions but help you find purpose in your life once again.

I am here to help you feel confident and happy again, form positive beliefs and habits, and BUILD a powerful new life that’s full of peace, love and happiness…

If you could wave a wand and magically transform one thing in your life,
what would you wish for?

What if you could…

  • Feel good about the person you see in the mirror every day
  • Take steps towards creating a new, healthier life
  • Create new, empowering beliefs about who you are and what you deserve in life
  • Gain new life skills for coping with stress and life’s challenges
  • Be a part of a support group of loving friends who build you up
  • Feel grounded, happy and hopeful every day

If you want to reclaim your life after recovering from addiction, you must read this.

This page will change your life.

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t been able to rebuild your life after addiction, I will detail for you every single reason, and then give you the keys to changing your life for good, no matter how much you have failed in the past.

This is a proven process that works!

One of my clients, “Rob” called. He was feeling frustrated, confused, beaten down, practically desperate, and ready to give up on rebuilding his life after becoming sober…

Oh, on the surface yes, he said he did try. But when I gently asked more and more questions, I showed him exactly how, deep down in his subconscious, he really DID NOT make the right choices he needed to build a better life for himself after becoming sober; and at times during short term sobriety, he had nothing to replace those addictions with… he had NO PURPOSE.

Sound familiar? Isn’t that crazy how sometimes people want change but actually hold themselves back?

The thing is, you’re probably doing the very same thing, right now, each and every day, and sadly not even knowing that you’re doing this.

Addiction takes a powerful hold not only on the addicted person,
but on their loved ones and family members too.

So, how are YOU sabotaging breaking free of your addictions on a daily basis?

Can you relate to any of these excuses?

  1. I have no idea what I want to do with my life now.
  2. I don’t feel good about who I am so why would others want to be with me.
  3. I feel so empty inside, I don’t know what to do with myself now to fill this void.
  4. I’d love to feel more connected spiritually but don’t know how.
  5. I feel stuck and frozen with fear and don’t know how to move forward on my own.
  6. This is too hard. My life is a mess, and I don’t know how I’m going to make it.

The problem is, most people don’t even know about the self-sabotaging behaviors they have, and even if they DID know about them, they wouldn’t know how to change that!

Read what people are saying about WAKE UP RECOVERY

Drew PinskyIn our work on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, I’ve seen the amazing connections Sherry makes with those who are so terribly disconnected from others and themselves. But you don’t have to be a celebrity in recovery to benefit from her years of training and experience. Sherry provides a road map for rising above negativity and thinking of yourself, your life, and your purpose in new and inspiring ways.”

–Drew Pinsky, M.D.

deanna“Thank you Sherry for all of your help. It has been wonderful working with you. My dreams are really coming true do to your confidence in me. I promise I will continue to visualize to reach my potential.”
— Deanna Jordan Crosby, Clinical Director New Method Wellness

Melody BeattieSherry gives recovering people and their families a new look at an ancient subject that’s in the limelight again – how to stay sober and create as much joy as possible. Too many people are sober but haven’t found the ‘happy, joyous, and free’ part.”
–Melody Beattie, author of Codependent No More

karen“It was a pleasure working with Sherry. She’s very helpful and it’s evident that she really wants her clients to succeed. She’s motivated me into a direction that I hadn’t really considered, which will give me the ability to help more people and add more income streams. Thanks so much!”
— Karen Fanjoy (RelieveFibromyalgiaPain.com)


Whether you are struggling with addictions from:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Love
  • Co-dependency
  • Food
  • Workaholism
  • The Internet & Social Media
  • Shopping
  • Other softer addictions

This program is for you!

WAKE UP RECOVERY is a 10-week e-course program for those who are in recovery from their addiction and is not meant to replace a medical detoxification program. It is your next step that will empower you with 10 core skills and processes so YOU will love the CHANGES you can experience in your life TODAY.

As a participant of this life-changing program, WAKE UP RECOVERY will show you how to:


Increasing Your Sense of Worthiness

This module goes beyond the knowing that you are more than your present circumstances. You’ll train in the powerful techniques allowing for real change.

  • You’ll gain an introduction to the Law of Attraction and the power you hold and how to easily achieve the changes you desire

Finding Your Purpose with Intention

The second module takes you deeper into the techniques on getting out of a negative mind-set and turning up the positive frequency.

You’ll learn the core processes of:

  • How to decipher your why, organize thoughts about life purpose and embrace forward momentum.

Evolving Your Perceptions

This is where the rubber meets the road. In this module you’ll learn powerful tools on positive affirmations.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create and use positive affirmations, implementation of affirmations and clearly mapping out your ultimate goals

Befriending Your Fear

This module invites you to develop your ability to help you manage your fears and the relationship with the laws of the universe.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use an effective tool to observe growth and identifying your point of power when you are in recovery.
  • Using the Universal Laws to shift yourself to gratitude perspectives.

Living a Life of Authenticity

When you are living authentically, the energy of who you are on the inside will be expressed on the outside.

In this module we’ll explore:

  • How to eliminate negative conscious and subconscious thought patterns so you can achieve a life you will love and accomplish all that you desire.
  • The process of meditation and demonstration for a soulful journey.

Living a Life That Is True To Your Values

This module will delves into the core process of defining values, identify your own set of values and modifying your values for ideal alignment.

We’ll be:

  • Exploring how values evolve, change and are influenced by outside factors.
  • Identifying and discussing what values impact your life in achieving goals.

Living a Life of Right Action

Actions must truly be in sync. You will discover the value of directing your energies toward positive action.

In this module, we’ll be:

  • Focusing on specific meditation techniques to guide you to achieve the results you are looking for with a continuous forward momentum.

Learning To Live In Appreciation, Forgiveness and Compassion

In this module you’ll learn to live in appreciation by not only going inside yourself, but also looking outside yourself to discover what will benefit others.

We’ll be:

  • Continuing a focused meditation technique and breathing exercise to connect you through each process of appreciation, forgiveness and compassion to bring you the next step closer to positivity.

Living With Awareness and Mindfulness

Living mindfully on purpose enables you to live in gratitude each and every moment in whatever way the moment unfolds.

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Recognize and cultivate the energy of mindfulness within yourself. Through meditation, you’ll discover how mindfulness is able to emerge in your life.

Let Go of Resistance and Attachments

The final step of Wake Up Recovery is learning how to guide yourself to let go of your idea that life ought to be a certain way, and to let go of resisting what is and who we truly are.

You’ll learn to:

  • Help yourself make the shift to continue your journey and attract positively what you desire through allowing the change you desire.


Your complete RECOVERY COACHING system includes a comprehensive ten module program that will teach you all the tools and processes you need to successfully create effective, profound change in your life.

Here’s what you get!

  • Audio MP3 training classes with Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach for 10 modules. You will receive digital access to 10 hours of MP3 Audios and a PDF Workbook of all 10 modules.
  • Each training class includes Sherry teaching and guiding you through the core skills and processes on addiction recovery. Since you will have the recordings, you can listen to the material as many times as you would like to use for your own personal growth so you become comfortable and familiar using them.
  • You will receive your comprehensive Wake Up Recovery Training Workbook filled with the principles, processes, exercises, and checklists. The 10 module workbook is available digitally after you enroll so you have it to deepen your skills and competencies, to follow during each training class, and use as a resource even after your complete the course.
  • The entire training can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home or office from anywhere in the world, at your own pace.
  • EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS ~ A 30 minutes individual private coaching session with Sherry.

Okay Sherry, sounds great! What’s my investment for your ‘WAKE UP RECOVERY’ Program?

No need to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on expensive personal coaching or other self-help programs. We’ll do it all together, with WAKE UP RECOVERY.

I can tell you the addiction treatment strategies you’ll discover in this program are the EXACT same ones that I consistently use to help celebrity clients in their journey to recover at thousands of dollars a month.

I will provide you with the tools you need to find your true purpose in life… to reach for your dreams and forge a new path that will be free and clear of obstacles from your addiction.

What is THAT type of information worth to YOU?

Regular price $497

NOW ONLY $97 (You save $400!)

Yes, this life/recovery coaching is immediately available to you for less than $10 a week! Hiring a personal life coach can cost you up to $5000 and more for similar results.

So go ahead and take this once in a lifetime opportunity now.

You’ll Also Get These Exciting Bonuses!

In addition to the program, you’ll get instant access to these revealing interviews with top experts and authors specializing in recovery insights and who understand the road to recovery. Get ready to receive and learn these life changing strategies to discover the power within you to overcome any addiction!

BONUS 1: Panache Desai “From Distraction To Divine Action: How To Shift Your Energy Around Addictive Behavior, Patterns, & Habits”

Contemporary thought leader, Panache shows us how getting clarity on everyday distractions keeps them from painful addictions.

BONUS 2: Daniel Baldwin “Addictions Respect No One”

Daniel Baldwin, an Award Winning Actor, Producer, and Director shares his Wisdom, Insight, and Greatest Breakthroughs in Recovery.

BONUS 3: Melody Beattie “Codependency: Melody Opens Up About her Own Personal Story of Co-Dependency”

One of America’s most beloved self-help authors shares her own personal story about what it was like and what inspired her to write her books on Co-Dependency.

BONUS 4: “How to attract Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” Mp3 audio meditation

“I want you to know that your talk with Panache on your Recovery Program was SO right on for me. I teared up. I felt someone express the words that I didn’t have words for. I felt forgotten. I have listened to that talk 4 times. I feel there is nothing quite more valuable to listen to at this time.  Thank you.”
— Jordana

Are You Ready for Change? Here’s Your Access to Wake Up Recovery:

Wake Up Recovery contains good use of the Law of Attraction. Sherry is very personal and spirit-filled. I greatly appreciated the alternative approach to the 12 step program.”
– T.T.

If you read nothing else, READ THIS

Here’s something very few people will tell you:

Managing addiction is not as much about willpower and how hard you work at it. It’s about the state of your MINDSET. If you want to start taking powerful steps that work and truly take back your life, you MUST get rid of the negative thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that are holding you back!

The minute you begin clearing these self-sabotaging beliefs, you’ll start living the life you’ve been longing for – it’s within your reach!

It’s possible for you to change your life, feel better about yourself as a person, and be more happy than you have ever felt inside.

This is a FACT.

Click here to get started and change your life today!

To your recovery!
Sherry Gaba,
LCSW, Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach